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Aim for top ranking, pon!
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Longer fic
1000 to 1.5k words of awesome. You choose series/pairing/character/plot.
200 to 250 word drabbles -- you specify series/pairings/plot. No charge for anything extra although tips if I go above and beyond would be awesome

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Just so I always have this option

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i forgot i no longer have core lol, no thumbs for y'all!

::500+ WATCHER RAFFLE (OPEN!):: UPDATE!Update: If I can make it to 100 entries I will add another winner!
My 500+ watcher raffle has officially begun!
I am SO thankful for all of the support lately! And to celebrate 500+ watchers (a milestone I never thought I would accomplish) I am giving back to my supporters!
It's a pretty simple raffle. I'll be choosing three winners to receive one full body artwork from me! (Ponies are okay if you don't have human ocs!) 

:star: You must be watching me to enter! New watchers are okay! BUT please don't watch just to enter and unwatch afterwards though.
:star: You must share this journal through your own journal entry or poll
:star: Tag a friend for an extra entry! (you can tag multiple people to share this with them but only get one entry even if you tag more) 
   5000+ watchers Art Raffle [2 days left!]Since I won't be able to menage with that many messages in one day, I am moving deadline to 12th feb. thanks for patience!

I have just reached +5000 watchers. Thank you very much! I want to celebrate it by doing my first raffle. 
Winner can choose one of these 2
(no or simple background)

Half Body


1. Be a watcher  - New watchers are also welcome, but please don't unwatch me after, or you will get blacklisted for a;; my future events
2. Favourite this journal
3. Comment under this journal

If you do this all you will get ONE ticket
     2000+ WATCHER RAFFLE - FREE CHIBIExample of my chibi style:-
Recently I hit the 2000 watcher milestone and I wanted to celebrate it with giving somebody a free art!
START:- 6th February 2017
DEADLINE:-  13th February 2017

(exactly 1 week)

What you have to do:-
1) Make sure you're a watcher, New or Old~ 
2) Make a journal advertising this journal~ (Link it into the comment you write)
3) Give me a reference to the character you'd want drawn~ (make sure the ref is clear)
4) In the comment, write "Kitty" so I know you read the rules~
What I have to do:-
1) I'll give you a number (your raffle ticket)
2) When the raffle is done, I will use a random number gen
    FREE RAFFLES [OPEN]:new: extend it till 12FEBRUARY !!

if participant is over 200 ill be giving out SKETCH PAGE <3

.Tell me your fav song!
.Advertise this journal trough poll/journal <3
.Ill be giving out number! that it !



The time has finally come for my Kiriban Raffle in celebration of meeting and surpassing 1,313 watchers! WHOA~!
Thank you all SO MUCH for your continued support. It means so much ♥♥♥ 
Note: This is open to international AND USA watchers this time around! I found a tablet on amazon that does international shipping! Whee~!!!
(35 tickets given out so far!)
RAFFLE ENDS 3.13.2017!
:star: GRAND PRIZE :star:
 Monoprice USB 5.5x4inch Graphics Tablet Tablet 
The tablet is small and portable, perfect for taking to class, a coffee shop with your laptop! (It got great reviews online!)
***please note: If for some reason this tablet is unavailable at the time of the raffle's end, I will paypal or give you an amazon gift card for the value of the tablet!***

one (1) Single character TAROT CARD DESIGN!!! (Valued at $100+!!) <
    sinivi's merch raffle! [7 WINNERS! OPEN]Hey memes//
It's been so long since I had the fun of a raffle//
I asked in a poll if it would be alright to host a raffle where I giveaway merchandise. Majority thought it was pretty cool, so here it is! :D Good luck to all and any who enter! :thanks:

Dancing Turkey Icon Please read ALL guidelines before entering!Dancing Turkey Icon 

(If a guideline has been missed, I will not say anything. I've made it super clear already; not sure what else to do lol)
Smiley: Bacon Must be a watcher to participate; new watchers are welcome!
Smiley: Bacon Must share this journal in a NEW JOURNAL ENTRY or
    LINK YOUR OCs! FREE ART RAFFLESIt's kinda tricky to submit all of these raffles into groups individually, lol.
So here! I've put them altogether to make things easier. :heart:
The rules are really all the same with each raffle, so if you understand how it all works, you are free to enter more than one of these, or all five if you wish!
I hope you find a raffle that suits you, your style and your characters! salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet 
FREE flying hearts Icon   FREE flying hearts Icon 
FREE flying hearts Icon    FREE flying hearts Icon 
PLEASE do NOT comment on this journal!
If you want to enter
    500 watchers raffle~!! (open)This is the first raffle I ever made so I am sorry if this journal is weird or anything because idk what it's supposed to be like... nervous neko emoji 
First of all, I would like to thank Mother-Greece for giving me the Core Membership Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]  This would never be possible without her. (Also check out her art, it's so amazing!!)  I mean many of you watched me because my page looks pretty, right? xD 
Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING ME, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THAT MEANS FOR ME!!! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]   My art is so ugly and cringe, I don't even deserve 10 watchers :'D
Which reminds me, this is an art raffle, not a points raffle because I don't have enough points xD  I know, I know, my art is sooooo ugly and cringe so you can just leave if you don't want to enter ;;w;;  But if you still like my art, thanks a lot!!

Commission Sheet 2017: Petty Commissions (OPEN) by PettyPrince
20% off + free animations! COMMISSIONS!If you buy 2 icons of the same style you will have 20% discount!
PAYPAL ONLY! i am in need of money asap, would prefer to not wait 2 weeks to get money.
for example, if you buy 2 icons of style 1, which will be 11.25USD - you will pay 9 USD instead!
to make it easy for you, i will list all the prices with discount here for 2 icons of each style.
style 1 - 9 USD instead of 11.25 USD
style 2 - 10 USD instead of 12.5 USD
style 3 - 8 USD instead of 10 USD
style 5 - 4 USD instead of 5 USD
style 6 (with animation) - 4 USD instead of 5 USD
style 7 - 8 USD instead of 10 USD
style 8 - 10 USD instead of 12.5 USD
style 9 - 10 USD instead of 12.5 USD
i will link icons with hearts or maybe something else (not complex things!), add small animations of hearts, stars, music notes (in speech bubble if you want)
other animations are not free.
rules for commission stay the same.
you can see icons in this j
     Opening Quick CommsI am opening quick bust sketches because I'm hoping to get money for coms myself haha~ <3 
monochromatic or two color headshots/busts (just gradient, not specfic things colored) -- $1

fully shaded headshots/busts-- $3-5 depending on complexity 
Also have OCs for sale here: Sale on Adopts/OCs
You can bribe me for pixels but it will be more expensive because I just don't have too much time right now-( depending on pixel size/complexity/eyeblink) vary from $7-15

I am a part-time student and part-time worker and close to getting my associates so I will be busy with that. However the headshots are fairly quick. I have a couple of things (OTA stuff) to finish, but I'm almost done w
   Cheap Buy One, Get One Free Commissions!This journal is for my WAITING LIST! 10/10 slots open
More info below:

From now until Valentines Day FEBRUARY 18th, with every purchase of a fullbody, flat color commission you will get a second one FREE!
Each slot is $15/1500:points: and includes 2 fullbody, flat color drawings (like the ones above!) You can choose for it to be the same character, different characters, or a couple! You can even request the same character in two different outfits/forms, or front/back view of the same character (which is great for character refs!)
Want it animated? For $10/1000:points: more I can add blinking, blushing, simple expression change, sparkles/stars/hearts, or speech bubbles!
And if you have commissioned me before you get an extra $5 off your order! That's $10
   [OPEN] cheap custom adopts || designsso the thing is i need points/cash and designing would be a nice way to earn a living. right now since i'm starting small my customs will be cheap and affordable for most people. base price for customs is 80 points. but i can charge for more complex designs. my designs tend to be simple and clean, but i can go for a more complex design, but not too cluttered. to order, NOTE me this form. you can comment questions or anything else but i'd prefer if you'd note your forms.
style examples: 
previous adopts: 

character name:
*theme/color palette: [any other inspiration for the design can go here!]

and now contests!!
  OC contest OpenUPDATE 02/11/17: Deadline will be extended to March 31st 2017. Same time and time zone though.
 If you would like to see the entries submitted so far, you can find them here:
So about once a year I host a contest and it's been about a year since my last one.

So by the time this contest ends Valentines Day will be over but only by a few weeks. So I thought that would be fitting for a theme. :3 Valentine's Day, in my opinion, is for love in general. Whether that be between lovers or between friends. Of course some people also see it as a painful day for anyone who is single too.
So that is your theme, to draw one or more of my OCs with the theme of love. Be that the love between friends, lovers or a lack of.
Start and end dates:

This contest begins as soon as I submit this journal and ends on March 1st. That should give about 2 months to draw. Although I may extend it.
The ex
   Little Art Contest- Win 1mo core and Characters!Just a little art contest!
      Prize is a one month premium membership (or point equivalent) AND a character of your choice from here: []
+Promote this contest with a journal and get a code!
+Tag three people and get a code!
(You can do both for two codes!)
The Rules
Draw one or more of the characters below.
     You may use any art medium.
     Have your entry in by Feb 25th for judging
     You may enter as many times as you'd like
The Characters
     See them here! [ Link]
Extra Info

    There are two groups, and any characters in the same      group can be drawn together. 
Group one: Amanda, Delphine, Dierdre, Kai, Chernobyl, Chloe, Fra
  • Listening to: Frank Sinatra
  • Reading: DCMK fanfics
  • Watching: MSNBC
  • Playing: SMT IV
  • Eating: Grilled Cheese
  • Drinking: H2O


United States
One day I'll actually fix this up.

Today is not the day though.


when you have a base but can no longer find the creator info for it *softly sobbing*
*Huddles under a blanket*

I just sent half a dozen artists inquiries about coms from back in october. Omfg like
I don't like doing it because I worry about bothering them
But on the other hand it's been 3months with no updates and I paid for most of these already so....hnng

Been busy with things offline and on Gaia, deleted everything e3e

Happy NEW Years


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