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exactly what it says on the tin - you give me cash, i write you something about your favorite characters.

I do nearly every fandom and I will definitely do original characters, except for MLP (I will be okay with humanized versions of pony OCs, but I won't write them as actual ponies, sorry). If it's a fandom I don't know, expect the commission to take longer while I research.

Coms should take under 10 days, so long as things aren't busy at work.

Feel free to drop the form (or something) either in this journal or a PM. not picky 

ship & characters: (lemme know who I'm writing about! I can do romantic and platonic ships, not picky or judging)
fandom: (lemme know the fandom or universe you want them written in. I do crossovers and fusions)
prompt: (give me as little or as much as you want. include anything you do or don't want, kinks, etc)

I charge a 5$ minimum - that gets you at least 300 words, which is due when I send you a raw copy of your fic.
You can request larger one shots but be advised I might require a higher minimum charge for it.

I am totally fine with most kinks and if it's not my alley I'll just decline your commission. For anything that is actually NSFW, there is a 1.50$ fee because I write these primarily during downtime at work. Any NSFW has to be written on my phone so. Also if I suspect you're under age, I might request verification because I don't want to peddle NSFW to minors.

All prompts will be posted to my archive of our own.
If you would like to have your commission be private, that is am extra 2$ fee. If you're fine with me posting your commission anonymously, then it's only 1$.

tl;dr  PWYW writing coms. 5$ minimum for 300+ words. +1.50$ for NSFW. +1$ to remain anonymous. +2$ for totally private commission.
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